Friday, July 31, 2009



Well I would like to make a follow on the post I made weeks ago (The Price of Beauty"). I've seen some pictures over the internet on one of my favorite blogs, that is quite disturbing, look:

These are the pictures of Josie Rocio's unequal "cheeks" and their fillings that cause the infection.

And also, Selina Sevilla, a sexy singer who had her share of limelight in Philippine Showbiz back in the late 90's with her own song, Nilunok kong Lahat (I swallowed All), as her famous tag line also filed a complaint against a fake (I mean not having license to practice medicine) for the same operation, butt augmentation.

Well, if the so called artistas are not safe for these types of medical malpractice, what about our ordinary kababayans (country men) who are blinded on the advertisement of enhancing their physical attributes.

If government is having a loose policy towards the regulation of this industry, all of us should be informed.

Its Ironic that Dr. Manny Calayan is having a clinic of his specializing in cosmetic procedures be opened soon in Beverly Hills California, bringing the Filipino cosmetic surgeons to the international arena.

More than a year ago, we've been crying our voices out denouncing the show "Desperate Housewives" over a line that was dropped by Teri Hatcher insinuating that our medical practitioners are incompetent, worse, even under trained. Can we blame them?

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