Saturday, August 1, 2009


Had an early browsing this morning since I got excited in my newly installed unlimited internet brought by Globe. It's unacceptably slow at DSL standards yet this is better than using my flash drive modem that gives a 5 peso per 15 minutes hole in my pocket. I've been surprised by one of yahoo's headline about our lady in yellow.

Cory Aquino, the epitome of motherly love in the presidency passed away around 3 in the morning Manila time.

She suffered in the hospital fighting the rectal cancer that she had a while already.

The mainstream media, particularly the super TV network ABS CBN gave a non stop coverage from her hospitalization till this very first day of her burial. Several personalities had been interviewed reminiscing their glorious days with Cory.

Kris Aquino, the youngest of the Aquino's children made her first media appearance after a long week absence on her programs. She appeared calmer after some emotional burst she had at her showbiz talk show "The Buzz" and her long absence in her shows.

A forty hour vigil in the holy sacrament for Tita Cory's recovery has been started late night last Thursday at the Edsa Shrine. This mass prayer was expected to be concluded 12 in the afternoon of Saturday, 9 hours after her death.

Well, I hope that we can give at least a moment of silence for this great lady who became a picture of hope for liberty of our countrymen in one of the darkest periods of the Filipino history. Her leadership is quite one of a kind, she's one of the very few leaders who collected forces both from left and right to topple a dictatorship.

Tita Cory became a symbol of libertarian causes not just in the Philippines but internationally as well. A peaceful uprising is virtually unheard of before the Edsa Uprising she led.

Handog ng Filipino sa Mundo (Offering of the Filipinos to the World)

After the successful no-arms struggle, its as if Tita Cory's leadership became an international trend. The Berlin Wall fall in 1989, the Tiananmen Square protest of 1989 as well and the fall of the oppressive governments of the Iron Curtain, all of these moves hoped to follow the footsteps that Tita Cory led.

Amidst all of these, she's still human who became subject for public scrutiny. Issues like their Hacienda Luisita and her libel case against veteran journalist Louie Beltran are just a few of them.

After her presidential term, she's still being considered by most as the conscience of the republic.

If Tita Cory was a living icon of liberty as the mainstream media projects her to be, let us all hope that her death won't be a symbol of something that our freedom loving people are afraid of.

Let me share to you 2 videos that best remind me of Tita Cory. Heard these back then after the Edsa Uprising, I was 4 then yet these songs are still fresh in my mind:

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