Friday, July 31, 2009



Well I would like to make a follow on the post I made weeks ago (The Price of Beauty"). I've seen some pictures over the internet on one of my favorite blogs, that is quite disturbing, look:

These are the pictures of Josie Rocio's unequal "cheeks" and their fillings that cause the infection.

And also, Selina Sevilla, a sexy singer who had her share of limelight in Philippine Showbiz back in the late 90's with her own song, Nilunok kong Lahat (I swallowed All), as her famous tag line also filed a complaint against a fake (I mean not having license to practice medicine) for the same operation, butt augmentation.

Well, if the so called artistas are not safe for these types of medical malpractice, what about our ordinary kababayans (country men) who are blinded on the advertisement of enhancing their physical attributes.

If government is having a loose policy towards the regulation of this industry, all of us should be informed.

Its Ironic that Dr. Manny Calayan is having a clinic of his specializing in cosmetic procedures be opened soon in Beverly Hills California, bringing the Filipino cosmetic surgeons to the international arena.

More than a year ago, we've been crying our voices out denouncing the show "Desperate Housewives" over a line that was dropped by Teri Hatcher insinuating that our medical practitioners are incompetent, worse, even under trained. Can we blame them?

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I missed making entries for sometime, well usual writer's block or should I say just plain idleness, hahaha!!!

Back in the memory lane of our childhood (if you were born late 70's or early 80's), growing up in the Philippines and at least having a black and white TV at home, we've watched a lot of advertisements over and watching them now would be fun since it would take us back to those days (days of the lost innocence).

San Miguel Beer made a lot of these commercials back then that usually having a star as an endorser, from the late Fernando Poe Jr to the APO Hiking Society.

One of my favorites among them is the Bilmoko Ad that I think stars the then sexy actress Monica Herrera or Sheila Israel (well I was so young then to remember).

Can't find a video of it but luckily I found one that contains at least the theme that was sung by Fred Panopio (Kawawang Cowboy, Pitong Gatang and other Filipino novely songs). Listen:

Can't forget the line bilmoko since back then, Mom told me I was a bilmoko kid, well, whatta headache for her, hahaha!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Watched Balitang K last Sunday and they featured the current whereabouts of a former actress of the Bomba era- Myra Manibog.

I wish we can discuss some stuff regarding this Filipino Film Era.

I made some googling and found out his website dealing with mostly Filipino Films. To my surprise, the owner of the site is an Australian. said to myself, wooow! So its not just a few of us who see aesthetics on those films.

More so, these films, as I browse the website, were also released on other languages (I dunno whether its dubbed or just having subs, I'll read more and I'll post the info here soon).

Frankly, back at those days, these are seen as dirty films but seeing some clips of those films today makes us want to revisit the past by watching the full length editions of these films.

By the way here is the website address:

I'm finding a pot of gold of materials to write about on this website.

My mind drums with different names: Maria Isabel Lopez, the Softdrink Beauties, Lala Montelibano, Cherry Madrigal and a lot of others. I can't wait to write about 'em all.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


“I trusted her [when she said, Vicky Belo] the procedure was safe and would give me a permanent round butt but instead, I narrowly escaped death,”

Filipinos are pretty much concerned about physical assets. Vanity is a multi billion dollar industry that a lot of business people found their gold preying over the people's inferiority complex towards their physical attributes.

From applying the skin burning astringent to the extremes of making their bodies relyeno (stuffed fish) like (being cut, filled up and sew), nothing can stop these people for their dream of enhancing their faces and bodies. Others even expect to change their whole face totally patterning their facial changes to their favorite artistas (celebrities, especially showbiz).

At this moment, the process of having surgery operation done into someone's body for aesthetic purposes is being accepted as if its just like personal grooming or applying a make-up.

These producers pretty much done miracles that in the past what we consider as magic (transfiguration, just like in the movie Blusang Itim) are now pretty much available in reality. Someone who was a beast can magically be transformed into a beauty that is comparable to a painting done by an artist as his masterpiece.

Even government agencies of the national level have been mesmerized by the promise of cosmetic surgery. Department of Health is so lenient on approving, or if not, at least giving this new industry a laissez faire status. More so, the Department of Tourism wanted to project this industry as an attraction for foreigners and balik bayans (Filipono expats abroad) who are visiting the county. Procedures creating miracles that can be bought cheaply (relatively) by their foreign money.

But what is the implication of the millions of pesos worth of advertisement mileages that these doctors of beauty are paying for.

Recently, news papers and televisions have made a headline out of a cosmetic surgery patient who had undergone a procedure that was projected to be safe.

Josefina Rocio, a forty year old business woman, appeared on our TV screens crying over the circumstances she had undergone.

Years ago, as she related, she'd been attracted on what she saw over what was done on the butt of the actress and controversial figure Rosanna Roces. She had the procedure done to her twice, first is the original one, and a second one after two years to correct the non-proportional size of her left and right butts due to the first operation.

This year, she has been hospitalized due to the infection caused by the procedures. She had several operations already in an effort to remove the puss and the substance that has been injected to her. She already paid more than 3 million Pesos on hospital bills because of the infection.

Experts are pointing at hydrogel and the way it has been injected as possible culprits.

Hydrogel has been banned in many countries in Europe and doesn't even have the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration. Even the organization, Belo Med Group, who performed the procedure to Rocio is not using the said substance anymore.

The way the procedure has been done can also be a possible reason especially these days that a lot of things have been exposed about the cosmetic surgery industry making the people and the authorities question the qualifications of the people involve on giving such procedures.

We are realizing that these magic are too good to be true but we cannot blame ourselves to believe these doctors magic wand when we see pictures like this:



Its Buratong, the recently convicted shabu tiyangge (prohibited drugs market) owner.

Look at how his rhinoplasty was done. See the before and after?

That really is a miracle....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The phrase is so familiar with us especially to those people who have seen their first daylight at least forty years ago.

These past few days, there were 2 news that ironically bombarded the tv screens in the Philippines simultaneously.

First is the hospitalization of former prexy Tita Cory that is related to her fight over her anal cancer. Novena masses are still being held upon in Greenbelt Chapel for her recovery. Family, friends and of politicos (probably some having their own personal agenda), attended these series of liturgical celebrations offered for Tita Cory. Ironically, Imelda Marcos, the dowager of the family that became Tita Corys political nemesis celebrated her 80th birthday in grandiose at Hotel Sofitel (formerly known as Westin) despite Imelda's cry over TV performance a few weeks ago wailing that she doesn't have any funds left aside from the monthly pension she receives as a widow of a war veteran.

In one of the TV interviews she said that she's surprised for the party and this is a gift to her by her friends (well she got a lot of rich friends then).

Imelda at the twilight of her life (she's 80 now) is still a picture of elegance wearing a dress that resembles a terno (in essence- for the shape and other elements, yet much comfortable to wear at her age and figure).

Apparently, Imelda is the perfect mannequin for the traje de mestiza. Other younger contemporary figures can't make it a fit for them,not just because of the figure, but due to other reasons as well.

Supposedly the traje de mestiza, worn by a Filipina would make her look divine. Remember those glorious days when Imelda Marcos would march for a funeral of a head of state or attend a state function, and rubbing shoulders with prime ministers, royalties and presidents of other nations and the terno makes her stand out of the crowd, even exceeding Princess Grace's elegance? Tita Cory's youngest, Kris Aquino definitely wasn't able to do the same at Pinoy Bingo Night. This show, which has been pulled out recently by ABS-CBN (probably because of low rating), was hosted by Kris wearing Imelda's signature dress every night.

The way it was worn erases the stylish history of the clothing in our mind.
Do not think that it really is Kris Aquino who is the problem. Considerably, its her stylist and definitely the designer of the ternos she wore who made some errors. As we saw the way they were worn, but one, they were like wrap around thick fabrics of different colors, asymmetrical that doesn't display flattery.

Maybe it is also for the thought that traje de mestiza is a garment for the goddesses, not to do sacrilege upon by wearing it in a show having a game that is typically being played on peryas (carnival fairs).

Kris should have some pep talk with Imelda for a better choice of stylist and designer for the terno.

The Madamdific when asked on TV what can she say for Tita Cory's situation, she wished her luck.

Hmmm, should this be the bridge (traje de mestiza) that will link their almost 4 generations of gap?

Can't wait to see Madamdific to attend one of those Novena masses in of course, wearing one of her signature trajes....

Monday, July 6, 2009


Started hearing this song this week and I have a feel that this will be a great hit.

Filipinos are natural hopeless romantics, some even having masochistic tendencies towards their feelings.

I didn't expect that Michael V is the one performing it since it sounds like a group when it plays over the radio.

Yet, I won't be surprised that Bitoy can write a song like this that is a novelty, very catchy yet having a covert message that is so touchy. Like 10 years ago or so he composed and performed a song having a similar tone- Sinaktan Mo ang Puso Ko (You Broke my Heart).

Yet I think a group really sang it, I dunno if its a rendition or something, please let me know if you have an info on this.


By the way, made some more googling and found out that Young Men is the group that performed the new version of the song. I cannot find a nice video of them yet performing the song.


Wondering what is that big sepia picture we see on the previous post?

That is the sight of Plaza Miranda, the square outside Quiapo Church.

Back when I started my college days in one of the schools near the area, the appearance wasn't like that.

It was much more ordinary and the structure in the middle of it (the tall concrete one with what appears as an angel trumpeter on top) wasn't there yet.

If I am not mistaken, when I was in sophomore already, the appearance of Plaza Miranda changed and this structure I am referring to and some Greek columns that were towered to surround it gave the place some drama.

I think there is a similar colossal edifice like this that is in Mexico City, located in one of their major rotundas (I've seen it in a book and in some dubbed Mexican telenovelas).

They said that the remade appearance of the plaza is a reminiscent of how it looked like back in the bygone generation of the 60's.

Those were the days...

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Wrote a long "about me" in the profile and had to cut it since there is a limit of twelve hundred characters. I am posting the continuation of it:
Just a little background about Quiapo, it is one of the old districts of the Old Manila (We're referring here about the City of Manila).

Back in the days of the Spaniards, particularly the last hundred years of their colonization, it became a center for religion and the arts.
Prominent Hispano-Filipino old rich made the district their home as they build elegant stone mansions around the district particularly at Hildalgo and Barbosa Streets.

At the end of Hispanic Colonization and the rise of American power over the island, Quiapo preserved its prominence while the surrounding districts like Escolta and Binondo became centers of commerce and industry.

After the American Rule, Quiapo became known as a political center as rallies held at Plaza Miranda, the square outside Quiapo Church.

The rise of LRT heralded the decline of Quiapo's prominence as the area became heavily polluted.

Recent local government efforts try to rebuild Quiapo's old glory as the old downtown Manila.

Quiapo's culture can be considered as a microcosm of the Filipinos.

A culture centered in the Church and the people's effort to have harmonious relationship despite religious differences (Quiapo is also a home for a
sizable Manila Muslim population). This is also one of the first sights being seen by the majority of settlers from the province (for its proximity from the pier/ port).

We can reminisce Quiapo's picture as notoriously depicted by recent movies and the media as a home of petty thieves as well as pirated dvd peddlers.

Quiapo is also a mecca of Filipino beliefs and superstitions. Outside the Quiapo Church, tables of card readers than can tell your future and herbolarios (vendors of medicinal herbs) are all around the area.

Quiapo's beauty and chaos, every single piece , parts of its charm, attributes that are truly Filipino...