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Wrote a long "about me" in the profile and had to cut it since there is a limit of twelve hundred characters. I am posting the continuation of it:
Just a little background about Quiapo, it is one of the old districts of the Old Manila (We're referring here about the City of Manila).

Back in the days of the Spaniards, particularly the last hundred years of their colonization, it became a center for religion and the arts.
Prominent Hispano-Filipino old rich made the district their home as they build elegant stone mansions around the district particularly at Hildalgo and Barbosa Streets.

At the end of Hispanic Colonization and the rise of American power over the island, Quiapo preserved its prominence while the surrounding districts like Escolta and Binondo became centers of commerce and industry.

After the American Rule, Quiapo became known as a political center as rallies held at Plaza Miranda, the square outside Quiapo Church.

The rise of LRT heralded the decline of Quiapo's prominence as the area became heavily polluted.

Recent local government efforts try to rebuild Quiapo's old glory as the old downtown Manila.

Quiapo's culture can be considered as a microcosm of the Filipinos.

A culture centered in the Church and the people's effort to have harmonious relationship despite religious differences (Quiapo is also a home for a
sizable Manila Muslim population). This is also one of the first sights being seen by the majority of settlers from the province (for its proximity from the pier/ port).

We can reminisce Quiapo's picture as notoriously depicted by recent movies and the media as a home of petty thieves as well as pirated dvd peddlers.

Quiapo is also a mecca of Filipino beliefs and superstitions. Outside the Quiapo Church, tables of card readers than can tell your future and herbolarios (vendors of medicinal herbs) are all around the area.

Quiapo's beauty and chaos, every single piece , parts of its charm, attributes that are truly Filipino...

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