Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The phrase is so familiar with us especially to those people who have seen their first daylight at least forty years ago.

These past few days, there were 2 news that ironically bombarded the tv screens in the Philippines simultaneously.

First is the hospitalization of former prexy Tita Cory that is related to her fight over her anal cancer. Novena masses are still being held upon in Greenbelt Chapel for her recovery. Family, friends and of politicos (probably some having their own personal agenda), attended these series of liturgical celebrations offered for Tita Cory. Ironically, Imelda Marcos, the dowager of the family that became Tita Corys political nemesis celebrated her 80th birthday in grandiose at Hotel Sofitel (formerly known as Westin) despite Imelda's cry over TV performance a few weeks ago wailing that she doesn't have any funds left aside from the monthly pension she receives as a widow of a war veteran.

In one of the TV interviews she said that she's surprised for the party and this is a gift to her by her friends (well she got a lot of rich friends then).

Imelda at the twilight of her life (she's 80 now) is still a picture of elegance wearing a dress that resembles a terno (in essence- for the shape and other elements, yet much comfortable to wear at her age and figure).

Apparently, Imelda is the perfect mannequin for the traje de mestiza. Other younger contemporary figures can't make it a fit for them,not just because of the figure, but due to other reasons as well.

Supposedly the traje de mestiza, worn by a Filipina would make her look divine. Remember those glorious days when Imelda Marcos would march for a funeral of a head of state or attend a state function, and rubbing shoulders with prime ministers, royalties and presidents of other nations and the terno makes her stand out of the crowd, even exceeding Princess Grace's elegance? Tita Cory's youngest, Kris Aquino definitely wasn't able to do the same at Pinoy Bingo Night. This show, which has been pulled out recently by ABS-CBN (probably because of low rating), was hosted by Kris wearing Imelda's signature dress every night.

The way it was worn erases the stylish history of the clothing in our mind.
Do not think that it really is Kris Aquino who is the problem. Considerably, its her stylist and definitely the designer of the ternos she wore who made some errors. As we saw the way they were worn, but one, they were like wrap around thick fabrics of different colors, asymmetrical that doesn't display flattery.

Maybe it is also for the thought that traje de mestiza is a garment for the goddesses, not to do sacrilege upon by wearing it in a show having a game that is typically being played on peryas (carnival fairs).

Kris should have some pep talk with Imelda for a better choice of stylist and designer for the terno.

The Madamdific when asked on TV what can she say for Tita Cory's situation, she wished her luck.

Hmmm, should this be the bridge (traje de mestiza) that will link their almost 4 generations of gap?

Can't wait to see Madamdific to attend one of those Novena masses in of course, wearing one of her signature trajes....

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