Monday, July 6, 2009


Wondering what is that big sepia picture we see on the previous post?

That is the sight of Plaza Miranda, the square outside Quiapo Church.

Back when I started my college days in one of the schools near the area, the appearance wasn't like that.

It was much more ordinary and the structure in the middle of it (the tall concrete one with what appears as an angel trumpeter on top) wasn't there yet.

If I am not mistaken, when I was in sophomore already, the appearance of Plaza Miranda changed and this structure I am referring to and some Greek columns that were towered to surround it gave the place some drama.

I think there is a similar colossal edifice like this that is in Mexico City, located in one of their major rotundas (I've seen it in a book and in some dubbed Mexican telenovelas).

They said that the remade appearance of the plaza is a reminiscent of how it looked like back in the bygone generation of the 60's.

Those were the days...

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