Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Watched Balitang K last Sunday and they featured the current whereabouts of a former actress of the Bomba era- Myra Manibog.

I wish we can discuss some stuff regarding this Filipino Film Era.

I made some googling and found out his website dealing with mostly Filipino Films. To my surprise, the owner of the site is an Australian. said to myself, wooow! So its not just a few of us who see aesthetics on those films.

More so, these films, as I browse the website, were also released on other languages (I dunno whether its dubbed or just having subs, I'll read more and I'll post the info here soon).

Frankly, back at those days, these are seen as dirty films but seeing some clips of those films today makes us want to revisit the past by watching the full length editions of these films.

By the way here is the website address:


I'm finding a pot of gold of materials to write about on this website.

My mind drums with different names: Maria Isabel Lopez, the Softdrink Beauties, Lala Montelibano, Cherry Madrigal and a lot of others. I can't wait to write about 'em all.

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