Saturday, July 25, 2009


I missed making entries for sometime, well usual writer's block or should I say just plain idleness, hahaha!!!

Back in the memory lane of our childhood (if you were born late 70's or early 80's), growing up in the Philippines and at least having a black and white TV at home, we've watched a lot of advertisements over and watching them now would be fun since it would take us back to those days (days of the lost innocence).

San Miguel Beer made a lot of these commercials back then that usually having a star as an endorser, from the late Fernando Poe Jr to the APO Hiking Society.

One of my favorites among them is the Bilmoko Ad that I think stars the then sexy actress Monica Herrera or Sheila Israel (well I was so young then to remember).

Can't find a video of it but luckily I found one that contains at least the theme that was sung by Fred Panopio (Kawawang Cowboy, Pitong Gatang and other Filipino novely songs). Listen:

Can't forget the line bilmoko since back then, Mom told me I was a bilmoko kid, well, whatta headache for her, hahaha!!!

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