Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hello again Fellows!

Two Saturdays ago, I made a walk in the memory lane of the Philippine movie classics and watched in full length Oro, Plata, Mata (Gold, Silver Death).

Though I missed a 10 minuter part (since a repeated scene has been put on the part where the next scene is supposed to be seen), what I watched is enough. I was surprised finding the movie available in youtube.com to be watched for free.

As a former communications student, dealing a lot with films, I've been tied to watching film classics. I tried to find this film over the pirated DVD market in Quiapo but failed to have a copy of it.

I even became bolder and being willing to pay a little extra amount to buy it. I tried to search for it in several legitimate video stores of VIVA (the production outfit), but failed to find a copy.

After years of looking for this 80's masterpiece of Peque Gallaga, I was ecstatic to find it available online.

I've been moved by scene after scene of this. As a person addicted on the Philippine bygone era, when Spanish was still a popular tongue then, I had my eyes and ears dedicated while watching the film.

There is a scene there that really moved me and made me think, are we as human beings able to do such savagery?

We are.

Look at what happened recently in Maguindanao. What are we?

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