Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hello Fellows!

I should have posted about this event long time earlier since I attended this event two Saturdays ago(December 29). The friend who treated my drinks, fudams (pulutan/ food) just uploaded this photo on one of the popular friend-photo networking sites.

Sound is great since it really feels relaxing to listen to their music which is reggae based. This type of music can be defined as an easy-listen genre though it is also classified as alternative. Reggae basically makes you feel tropical island (which Philippines is) mood, friendly and promoting the rasta culture (doobie, doobie, hehehe!!!).

Its the first time that visit that bar. I've been hearing the place since the last years of my college days and been wanting to visit it since as what I've heard, they cater a lot with non-mainstream bands and artists like Noel Cabangon, the Jerks and others. Plus, drinks are so inexpensive, fitted to someone who lives a counter-culture life then. But I never really had a chance to go there at those years.

The chance happened seven years after college. This friend of mine promised to foot the bill on this meet after a long while since we have last seen each other, anyway, she's the one who earns a lot. Door charge is fine, I think its PHP150. I sat with my friend along with her two other companions who were there hours before I arrived.

When I arrived, the show was just starting. Music and performance is A-okay, as we could expect to a reggae band (so far they are the most popular of this genre at this point in time locally).

What didn't impress me is the place itself. Although I am actually been on bars, much much working class friendly than this one, but this one is something you can level at the bottom, even if the door charge and their drinks are inexpensive.

The place itself, you cannot even determine that there is an air conditioning system. I dunno whether they are working or not. The place is so close without having visible windows that could give ventilation. Well, I said to myself, its fine, I've been on places much worse that this. At least they have pop performers on stage and their drinks are cheap.

But the thing that can really piss you off is the service of their crews. They made you wait and wait on orders you are expecting and they promised. My friend ordered some beer and ice for our table. In the beginning, service was satisfactory since they arrive in 10 minutes. But on the last order, its what you call an unforgivable thing a waiter can do.

Waiters should be there to wait for customers, but they do not have the right to make the customers wait unreasonably for their orders. We ordered our beers five times to a waiter, followed up on another , waited for an hour, taking reasons that beers just arrived, ice weren't bought yet, and all. After an hour and another follow up, nearing the end of Brownman's performance. we were told that there were no bottles left yet, WTF!

What kind of service is this? I really love the bar's marketing and remaining focus on its target followers (audience), but please, can you do something on your service? We're not just there to watch the performers, we want the booze as well and I would appreciate if they would come after a reasonable amount of time wait, if you do not have it, give customers options or just tell it to 'em straight to the face that you do not have it, we'll appreciate your honesty.

I wish you fire all those waiters responsible for such a shitty service to our table that night. They do not know their job, better yet for them to stop working there.

70's Bistro, you are great in marketing and your performers are superb, can we complement it with at least a satisfactory kind of service?

And for your service crews, you are the perfect exemplification of the "puwede na" (that'll do) culture. You are a disgrace of the service industry in the country. You do not reflect the the Filipino's unique and genuine tradition of hospitality.

Get your act together!

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