Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We're having very wet 2 weeks in Manila brought by some typhoons and monsoons (whatever you term those whether disturbances are).

At any rate, like the old Filipino belief that mushrooms grow when it rains or when the grounds were hit by lightning, we're lucky to be able to pick some of them and make them into a soup that we rarely enjoy. This is Lola's (Grandma's) local version of mushroom soup.

The author personally picked, washed and cooked the mushrooms. The recipe is simple and personally, it seems healthy. The 'shrooms were just picked up, washed and boiled up in water, a little salt and some sprouts from bitter melon (amplaya).

Author is definitely not a professional cook, but he'd shown the pictures to a friend who is a professional chef in Canada. He drooled and quenched his drooling by eating something from his kitchen (some noodles I think).

Some people believe that it's dangerous to eat wild mushrooms since they are poisonous. Well, we're just lucky. This entry is being written two days after the soup was made and eaten. Author hasn't eaten this dish for quite sometime because there are rainy seasons when it is not available (its a chance that it grows to the ground, sometimes it's plenty, sometimes there's none).

Bon apetit for your eyes guys, LOLS!

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