Sunday, July 24, 2011


Good day everyone!

Yesterday while writing my previous entry, someone knocked on our doors. It's a man with a gun announcing that he shot a bayawak (monitor lizard) in our compound.

Well, curious as I always am, I approached the place where he tied the bayawak and I took some pictures of it. Everybody right now is getting crazy with the easy to get rich scheme of the gecko (tuko) black market, now let us take a look at it's larger sized cousin. If this is the one being bought by the millions in a few grams, we'll be instant millionaires, LOLS!

I know these pics are kinda sensitive for some individuals who are active in promoting the environment and I am not sure but I think Philippine's DENR already forbids the hunting of such creature. Take note that the author do not promote nor condemn this act, this is just a mere documentation. The man who shot it did not intend to hunt this creature, it just so happen that what he shot then was a bayawak.

Bayawak is also a popular exotic pulutan (a dish to eat with beer) for some. I found a recipe online on how to cook one

I wonder if it really tastes chicken as they say. No hope of knowing, I do not think I would try it, LOLS!

Well for the bayawak's destiny, the man who shot it asked for permission to take the bayawak with him and I did not decline. End of the Story.

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