Thursday, May 27, 2010


I had this story for sometime already and kept it in my idea vault, which means that the story is just being typed direct from mind to keyboard at the moment I put it on this blog.

SM Megamall 4th Level became a room for quite sometime already for visual artists works and periodically changing their different feature artists at the Art Center. The location of the gallery is so accessible to the walking public inside the mall making art very much available to everyone and not having it stereotyped as exclusive for the ones who "have."

I had a visit on the gallery April the 8th and examined the works of artists there. At that time, the gallery has this called Four Shows, representing of course four painters who are having their works getting exhibited in the area.

One of these artists is Juanito Torres who made quite an impression to me through his works. Featured were three paintings of his that are very timely since his theme at these paintings is political satire.

The caricaturist visual expressions in color and canvass all concern about the political power and motivation that people make actions into such. The collection is collectively labeled as "Allegory," as per the signage outside of the Art Center.

The Assassination of Gov. Gen Bustamante

The interpretation of an early Spanish Governor General's assassination is my favorite out of his three paintings. It speaks out that us Filipinos were very used already in the so called People Power phenomenon. These moves only differ in motives or agenda, forms and faces.

I took some photo of these paintings, enjoy 'em.



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