Friday, November 27, 2009


Please do not take some content of this entry seriously, just for entertainment.

Little Quapo was pushed by his colleagues to watch the live feed of the recent Manny Pacquiao in a bar in Quezon City. LQ is not a big fan of boxing, but he said, what the heck, this fight is something to be proud of as a Filipino.

They finished the given number of fights before the referee referee stopped the game and declare Manny as the winner.

In the befinning we were anxious that manny might lose this one since Cotto is physically bigger and ont he first rounds Cotto made some serious attacks and Manny seemed not to fight those punches too much.

At any rate, at the latter rounds, we all saw Cotto bled on his face and had several knock downs.

Well, the lice (Cotto, sounding like "kuto," which is the Filipino term for lice) was crushed by Manny, Kudos!

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